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What is it:

The To Do List App is a desktop software focused on being simple and functional so you can create your to-do lists from the simplest to the most important where you can receive reminders when you're close to the deadline or even if they're overdue, everything for you organize your time and day-to-day work.

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  • This software seeks to have a great user experience with shortcuts like CTRL+N to create a new task and CTRL+Shift+N to cancel.
  • It has an internal messaging system, interactive notifications with support for the reproduction of a sound signal whenever a notification is displayed.
  • Option to reorder non-priority tasks just by clicking and dragging.
  • Priority system for tasks that takes into account the deadline the priority level, whether it is high, medium or low.
  • Time adjustment for alerts and snooze.
  • Option to minimize the application to the tray to make your taskbar cleaner.
  • History of completed tasks with completion date and time.
  • Tasks search system.
  • Startup option with Windows (whenever you move the portable version, you need to check this function to check if it is marked to start with the system).
  • Alert when trying to close the application with overdue tasks.
  • Database export and import with settings.
  • Support for dark and light themes.
  • Optional welcome system with a new message whenever the application is started or the option to start with windows is active.

Technologies used:

This application was created using the Tauri Apps framework that allows the creation of desktop applications using web technologies on the frontend, in this case Vue 3 with TypeScript was used and on the backend Tauri uses Rust.


This is an alpha version, use in production is the sole responsibility of the user, considering that problems may occur. If you encounter problems report to:

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To Do List App - Free Application

20 ratings
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