Batch Render Creator v2.1 - Support Blender Versions: 2.8x, 2.9x and 3x

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Batch Render Creator v2.1 - Support Blender Versions: 2.8x, 2.9x and 3x

Wanderson M. Pimenta
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1) Added a new window with the history of the last renders created so you can have control of when they were made, how long it took and if they were rendered successfully.

2) Added a new tool called Render Timer Calculator where you can generate an estimated calculation for your clients of how long the rendering process will take.

3) A new tool to open recent BRC projects, just right click the OPEN button and a popup will open with the last saved projects.


Thanks to everyone who has already contributed to this project ❤️



It is a desktop application that only supports Windows at the moment that automates Blender's rendering tasks.

You create a rendering list, where when a render is finished the next one in the queue is started right away, without having to perform any manual task after creating all the necessary renders.

You can also add some additional tasks, such as being notified whenever a render is completed using the Windows native alert system, creating an audible alert after all renders are finished, or shutting down, restarting and putting the computer to sleep after finishing all renderings.

Batch creator is very useful for rendering multiple projects and saving rendering time.

Batch creator is very useful to render several projects and save rendering time, mainly to render several scenes and an excellent tool for small studios that want to have a solution similar to a render farm but with low cost.


This error occurs due to some problematic addons that hinder the BRC from reading your project generating errors, in the future I want to try to solve this problem, but it is still something that I need to analyze because each addon can generate different errors if created incorrectly and this would make a solution very difficult for this problem

Some solutions:

1) Go to the folder with Blender closed: C:\Users\YOUR_USER\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\Blender_VERSION\scripts\addons\
After that, backup all these scripts from the folder to a new one and delete all its content, don't worry that after the test, just copy your addons back to the addons folder.
2) Try to open the BRC again and then load your Blender project, if it loads normally it is because an addon is generating a reading error in the BRC, in which case you will have to test one by one to see which one is generating this problem.
3) If the problem continues, download a new version of Blender and try to reinstall, preferably to do a clean install.4) Try to load a default cube project on Blender to check if the problem is in your project.
5) If you still have a problem with Blender, go to the Window/Toggle System Console menu, after clicking on this option a console will open, copy the entire log and send it to me so I can analyze it or send the report with the name of the addon that is causing problems (batchrendercreator@gmail.com).

List of Addons That Are Causing Problems:

[ Super_IO] https://github.com/atticus-lv/super_io/

[Realtime Materials For Blender] https://blendermarket.com/products/realtime-materials-for-blender

[TexTools_1_4_4] https://github.com/SavMartin/TexTools-Blender/releases/tag/v1.4.4


This project is currently maintained by one person and the time dedicated to this project depends exclusively on the help of the users, who help with donations so that I can dedicate more time to these projects.
Donation of any amount: https://gumroad.com/l/mHsRC

Do not worry if you are unable to help this project, sharing the project with your friends, suggestion and even bug reports already help me a lot to keep this project active.



  • An error was reported when pressing the space key inside the Start and End frame fields that was closing the BRC [Thanks to Mohamed Asik for the error report].


WARNING: BRC has been tested to work with computers using the English language (standard language of world programming), some languages mainly Chinese (Mandarin), errors can occur during rendering.

VERSION 2.0.2:

  • A new presentation window has been added that will open on the first openings of the program if it is not disabled by the user, where a box will be displayed where the user can watch the BRC tutorial.
  • Now if BRC finds any problem when opening a Blender project a message will be displayed with 4 steps that the user can try to solve the problem before reporting it in our email.

VERSION 2.0.1:

  • Was add the command "@CHCP 65001 > NUL" in the .bat file to scape special characters in paths, like "C:\Users\USER\OneDrive\Área de Trabalho\project_1.blend". Without this command folder paths and files in Portuguese or Spanish would generate errors to find the files due to a Windows CMD limitation. However, it is always recommended to avoid special characters in folders and projects, giving preference to the English language.


  • New visual based on Windows 11
  • When the "Settings" button is clicked it is now selected correctly.


  • When Windows was abruptly shutting down, in some cases it was corrupting the file "Settings.json" in the folder "C:\Users\YOUR_USER\AppData\Roaming\BRC_V2". Now the BRC creator will attempt to recover itself from this error without causing BRC startup problems.
  • It is now possible to resize windows using all the application's borders and corners, as well as using the Windows Aero Snap function.
  • Some small visual adjustments.


  • Resolved an issue when trying to add many projects to the BRC. It was generating a calculation error and it was fixed. [ Reported by: Richard Russell ]


  • Fixed an issue that after a Batch Render Creator project was opened and you tried to update any render, the information was not being loaded correctly the first time the window was opened. [Reported by: Danny Austin]
  • CheckBoxes are now being active correctly when an edit window is opened.


  • Open file .BRC fixed: BRX was passing wrong path
  • FIX Circular Progress Bar (rendering page)
  • Alert message, fixed close button icon


  • Fixed problem when using custom node output. BRC was not selecting the output node correctly and fixed an error in the output directory path.

BETA 3: 

  • Left menu with blue highlights.
  • Some grammatical adjustments [Reported by: Rod C].
  • When selecting a camera in "Custom Output" the "Makers With Cameras (Blender project in timeline)" will no longer influence rendering, will disable all Makers and render only the camera that was chosen [Reported by: Rod C].

Click in "Reset Default" button in the Settings Page.


  • Output info updating every second with information about the current render.
  • Correction of progress bar values.


If you installed Beta 1, download and install Beta 2 and click the Restore Default button to fix an error in the Python script:


Tested on Blender versions 2.8x (and LTS) and 2.9x.

Operacional System: Only Windows 10 64bits.

In case of doubts or reports please contact us by email: batchrendercreator@gmail.com.


V1.0.0.1: It is now possible for Start Frame and End Frame to start with (0) zero.

V1.0.0.2: Now displays an alert when a render update is in progress and you try to edit another render.


a) Fixed Problem: when a Blender project had an error generated by Addon or an Alert was not loading the project data to the Batch Render Creator. Thanks to Johan Aantjes for reporting the

b) New Function: now you have the option to play an alert after rendering.

V1.0.0.4: Small adjustment when resizing the program could cause some alert.

V1.0.0.5: Scrollbar bug fix.

V1.0.0.6: Fix all turn off Blender process after closed.

V1.0.0.7: Render Layers Fix. Now the layers are being rendered correctly.

V1.0.0.8: The blender installation directory will now be saved the next time the program is opened.

Thanks to all!

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